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i am grateful for everything i have, everything i know, everything i am.

i think most of our lifetime we are wishing for something— something we don't have that others might. throughout all this wishing & hoping we fail to recognize what we already have. someone out there is wishing for what YOU currently have. lets enjoy the moment & be grateful for what is within our realm already🤍

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black and pink lipstick on pink surface


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We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

about our pricing

i tried to make these as affordable as possible! this company began as a fun side thing to do when I’m wasn't working or doing school

— I know most of my followers are college kids themselves so I wanted these dainty rings to be as affordable as possible🤍

woman sitting beside plant and concrete wall

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i am going to receive everything i desire, all the right people and opportunities flow to me. i have made space for you in my life.

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a small team of loving individuals

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